Opera Practice Perfect (OPP) accompaniments, created by Glen Fisher, came into being due to a need for singers to be able to practice anytime, anywhere at no cost except for the initial purchase.

With respect to tempi, recorded accompaniments can be limiting. Since opera singers perform on stage with an orchestra following the baton of a conductor, OPP accompaniments follow the baton of a renowned conductor by matching the tempi to that conductor's recording. This makes the accompaniments artistically viable. In a performance there is some give and take in arias, but everything else is in the hands (literally) of the conductor. So with OPP accompaniments, singers can have the experience of practicing to the baton of a renowned conductor conducting world class singers.

Voice teachers might find it liberating not to play for their students, but rather sit aside and give them their complete attention both to the student's voice and body movements.

The Complete Opera recordings can be useful for rehearsals.

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