I am happy to be of assistance to my fellow opera singers, teachers and directors.

As a tenor I have prepared many roles so am quite familiar with the challenges involved. When practicing I used to play for myself but found that to be undesirable both vocally and dramatically. I decided to devise a recorded accompaniment for myself. Others viewed what I was doing and requested I do the same for them. This is how Opera Practice Perfect was born.

“Canned” accompaniments can be quite limiting with respect to tempi. Since we as opera singers, when actually performing a role with an orchestra will be following the baton of the conductor, I managed to have the accompaniments follow the baton of a renowned conductor by matching the tempi to that of a recording. I must admit . . . that was a formidable task!

It worked.

I believe the accompaniments became artistically viable. In performance there is some give and take in arias, but everything else is in the hands (literally) of the conductor. So at the very least, with OPP accompaniments, you can be secure knowing you are practicing to the baton of someone with whom you might actually have the live experience.

As a teacher, I find it liberating not to play for my students, but sit aside and give them my complete attention both to their voice and their body movements.

As a director, I am able to sometimes rehearse without the cost of a live pianist.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or thoughts.

Glen Gary Fisher
Opera Practice Perfect
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